Andrew's Art - Welcome to Andrew's Art
Andrew's Art - Welcome to Andrew's Art


Andrew was born in Johannesburg in 1985. He moved to New Zealand at the age of 9 and now lives in New Plymouth.

From an early age he showed an interest in the arts with a special interest in the performing arts, film and the visual arts. He has a unique talent for quiet observation and appreciation of the aesthetic.

This careful observation and appreciation can be seen in his paintings which are essentially visual equivalents rather than copies of things that he has seen.

His interests are reflected in his paintings: the world around him , screen heroes, dometic routines and the people in his life.

Everything around him can be subjects for his paintings and is work is known for his selection of vibrant colour combinations and observation of detail.

After selecting a subject and materials, Andrew works with minimal technical support for processes such print making.He enjoys working  accompanied by music. His taste ranges from classical to opera to jazz, to ethnic to pop.

The first sale of a painting to an business in New Plymouth encouraged him to collect work for an exhibition.

Andrew  had several successful exhibitions at a community art  gallery in New Plymouth.His work frequently sells out on opening night. His work is owned by people from all over New Zealand and also the UK and Europe.

His work has been slected for inclusion in the book, "Emerging, Collectable Taranaki Artists" and a group exhibition held at the Taranaki museum, Puke Ariki.

Andrew lives with an intellectual disability, though his work has never been marketed on this basis and stands on its own merits.

Instead, his work has provided him with a means of expression in the face of significant challenges with communication through words.

His work is an expression that is free of conventional stereotypes making it unique and especially significant.

It speaks of his humanity in a world that sometimes does not value people who are different and acknowledges that he has a contribution to make and an identity as an artist in his own right.